Boutte' Love | Busted Reality
As a child BOUTTE’ LOVE was mocked and ridiculed for having a funny bubble butt. Little did she know at the time that that butt would be the key to unlocking her doors to fame and fortune. But as a young girl growing up in New Orleans life was no Mardi Gras. For Boutte’ life was cruel and lonely. Her parents kept her in overalls to help conceal her freakish anatomy. Boys refused to be seen with her for fear of being made fun of. With barely enough income to make ends meet her parents could not afford the operation to have her butt reduced. Like the Hunchback of Notre Dame Boutte’ lived a life of solitary confinement, longing for the day when she would be normal. The ladies shed a tear while sharing a tissue as Boutte’ talks of her nights as young girl, alone in her room reading teen magazines and watching BET music videos. To pass the time Boutte’ would try to imitate the booty shaking divas in the rap videos. She talked her parents into buying her a hoola hop which she would use to help train her hips.

In a matter of months Boutte’ was shakin like jello. Soon her confidence and self-esteem grew. As she witnessed herself blossom from a cocoon to a butterfly, Boutte’ began to feel an urge inside her to be free. In a defiant moment that would change her life forever, Boutte’ step out of her overalls in front of her parents at the dinner table and said, “No More!” Her staunch Catholic parents sat there in a state of shock as Boutte’ stood before them wearing an exotic string bikini and vamp platform heels she purchased online from Sassy Assy with the credit card she snuck from her dads wallet. Boutte’ marched out of the house never to be the same again.

With the high school dance in full swing, Boutte’ barraged into the auditorium, storming past the chaperons and took her place center stage. As everyone stood in silence, Boutte’ turned to the high school jazz band and said, “hit it!” On cue the band dropped the pfunk Parliament-Funkadelic style. Boutte’ dropped, popped and worked that body like a conductor leading an orchestra. Madness and mayhem ensued as faculty members and students fought to get close to Boutte’, while janitors littering the stage with dollar bills. It was in that moment that Boutte’ had realized her calling. She left New Orleans to embark on a career as an exotic dancer, traveling the country as one of America’s top headlining exotic dancers. It was on her first exotic dancer tour that Boutte’ Rousseau was given the stage name “Boutte’ Love,” and the rest is history. Boutte went on to realize the dreams she had as a girl sitting alone in her room watching X rated rap videos late at night on BET.

Soon Boutte’ Love was one of the most sought after rap video divas in the world. Boutte’ Love quickly climbed the charts as she sky-rocketed from obscurity to #22 on “Hip Hop Honeys Top 100 Hip Hop Honeys List.” She graced the cover of dozens of urban, hip hop and glamour magazine such as ‘Bottoms Up’, ‘Tush’, and ‘grind’, just to name a few. Her dream-come-true gig turned out to be a nightmare when her heel on her stiletto pump snapped while she was in rehearsal as booty shaker #1 for an upcoming Snoop Dog video. With two pins in her ankle Boutte’ attempted to make a Hip Hop Honey comeback. She was rudely awakened to learn that the year layoff had caused her to loose her booty-shakin Hip Hop Honey form. To further add insult to injury Boutte’ discovered she had been dropped from the Top 100 Hip Hop Honey list, while reading a bitter rival’s Facebook post. In a last ditch effort to regain her Hip Hop Honey status, Boutte’ called in a few favors to be a contestant on “The Flavor of Love.” Yet another dream-come-true gig turned out to be a nightmare for Boutte’ when the first sight of Flavor Flav in person caused her to vomit violently on cue. Boutte’ was rushed to the hospital where she remained in intensive care for 39 days recuperating from dehydration and night terrors.

As Boutte’s voice trails off into a moment of silence so quiet you could hear a tear drop, she receives an applause break from the coffee shop owner as Caitlin and Carmen embrace her. They make a solemn oath to join forces should the three of them ever meet up again. And as fate would have they would soon meet again at an open call audition for the Rock of Love.

Caitlin Carnelian

Caitlin Carnelian | Busted Reality
Accomplished at little more than being in the right place at the right time with the right assets, CAITLIN CARNELIAN is driven by a purpose of taking her ministry of beauty on a mission around the world, to make the world a more beautiful place no matter how much plastic surgery it costs. Fortunately for her, plastic surgery would be an insult considering she possesses the type of freak-of-nature beauty that defines anomaly. A composite of genetic genius, Caitlin never wants for her looks. She also never looks for her wants.

Caitlin’s life is the urban legend that myths are made of. Her mythical beauty had her destined for stardom as a Page 3 Girl, until she kicked Rupert Murdoch’s grandson in the balls for coping a feel at her photo shoot. Rumor has it the power of her beauty once caused Stevie Wonder to open his eyes and exclaim, “I don’t know much about heaven but I no an angel when I see one.” Victoria Secret offered to design a line of lingerie named after her. She politely declined, only to accept a better offer from Fredrick’s of Hollywood moments later. Unfortunately the cost of possessing mythical beauty comes at a price Caitlin has paid far too often. Few women have been able to stand in the presence of Caitlin without bursting into fits of rage. To avoid offending other customers, beauty salons refuse to service her during normal business hours. She once caused a riot at a MAC Cosmetics store for offering beauty advice. Angelina Jolie sent her a text saying, “stay away from my man.”

Needless to say, friends have been hard to come by for Caitlin forcing her to live the life of a Lone Ranger. As a child she was ostracized from her peers by parents who were afraid that her beauty would cause their children to suffer from low self-esteem. She was refused admission into an all-girls Catholic school for, “posing a threat to the scholastic environment and well being of the student body.” In high school teachers would fight for the bragging rights to be called, “Caitlin’s teachers pet teacher.” She was barred from school dances by the other girls for possessing an unfair advantage. By her senior year Caitlin would finally receive the positive attention she always deserved. The football team held a pep rally in her honor. She was named to the Jefferson Valley High Honor Roll, just to give the Honor Roll street cred. Upon graduation R.O.T.C gave her a 12 gun salute. The softball team, gave her the finger. At her 5 year class reunion, Jefferson Valley High changed its name to Caitlin Valley High, and dropped their old mascot Jefferson Tiger in favor of Caitlin Fox.

Beauty has afforded Caitlin the champagne wishes and caviar dreams lifestyle that other women wouldn’t even dare dream about. But living in life’s lavish lap of luxury wasn’t enough for Caitlin. Many nights she laid awake on the Prince of Monaco’s yacht stargazing as she contemplated the meaning of her life. On a desperate search for purpose and meaning to her life, Caitlin sojourned to the mountains of Tibet where she took refuge amongst the Tibetan Monks. It was there she realized her purpose and her calling, to be famous so that she could minister beauty to the world. She hitchhiked around the world aboard Concorde in an effort to establish her ministry of beauty. Where some revelled in her, others reviled her. Vacationing in the Cayman Islands one weekend, she turned on the television. It was at the moment she knew her calling was true. A reality series airing on the television was the sign she had been looking for to validate her instincts. With only an American Express Platinum Card and one piece of Samsonite luggage donated as gifts, Caitlin made a mad dash for New York City to be a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Her mission to establish a beauty ministry was again validated upon the rude awakening that Tyra Banks was not as beautiful in person as she was on TV. Caitlin abruptly declined to be a contestant on the show even after producers offered to sign her to a multi-million dollar endorsement deal saying, “I can not be apart of a lie that would depreciate the Ministry of Beauty’s value.”

It was that experience which led Caitlin to Los Angeles. Where better to plant the roots for her Ministry of Beauty than Los Angeles, where beauty is made famous around the world. Caitlin quickly worked to establish her ministry’s roots in Los Angeles, spreading the gospel of beauty where ever and when ever she could. Fueled by her mission Caitlin eagerly sought after the next big reality series that would make her famous, only to realize her purpose of ministering beauty to the world.

Carmen Mariabella

Carmen Mariabella | Busted Reality

For CARMEN MARIABELLA, her life’s mission is to live out her childhood dream of becoming the next Gloria Estefan, “only sexier like J-Lo.” Carmen, an image of beauty personified in her own right, is the youngest of three children from a third generation Cuba immigrant family in Miami. Carmen discovered her calling to sing while listening to rap music as a child to learn her ABC’s. At the age of five Carmen won her first karaoke contest proving her destiny as a music prodigy. She quickly gained local notoriety for her rap-singing style, booking Happy Birthday gigs at Chuck E. Cheese and Shakey’s Pizza. A favorite at the local record stores for her love of vinyl, Carmen quickly developed a following and was labeled “the golden child” of the underground rap scene. But life was not all playgrounds and pizza parties for Carmen. Being the daughter of one of Miami’s most notorious marijuana traffickers, Carmen was thrust into a life of easy money as she was forced to work for her father and mother as drug runner. While other kids played with skateboards, Carmen played with the cops in a high stakes game of cat and mouse as she hustled marijuana through the streets of Miami on her hand-medown bicycle. At the age of 16 tragedy struck that would change Carmen’s life forever. Repeatedly falling asleep with headphones on while listening to Britney Spears was suddenly giving Carmen migraine headaches. She was rushed to the doctor where she was diagnosed with Clinically Tone Deaf Syndrome (CTDS). With her world turned upside down Carmen submerged herself into a life of full time pot smuggling to cope. But riding through the neighborhoods with the sounds of beats thumping and music blasting from cars only made her want her music more. One night while out on a routine drug run Carmen was caught up in a sting operation. She managed to escape the long arm of the law, peddling through the streets and back alleys of Miami like an X Games champion. The years of bicycling had caused her to develop into a Lance Armstrong racing machine with the physique of an Olympian. That’s when she realized she had a body to die for. Coupled with her love of music, she knew that if she could just combine the two she could realize her dream of becoming the next Gloria Estefan, “only sexier like LiL Kim.” With her music fire burning again, she began to watch countless hours MTV. She studied the early videos of Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, and Paula Abdul training day and night to learn the style, showmanship and movements that thrust them to the top of the music world. She knew that if these Grammy Award Winning artists who couldn’t sing could make to the top, then she could too.

On the day of her high school graduation while her peers anxiously awaited their diplomas into adulthood, Carmen was on a one-way flight to Los Angeles, on a mission to realize her dream. She soon had a date with fate after being cut from the American Idol auditions for trying to sabotage the other auditioners by getting them high in the ladies room. On the way back to her roach motel she made a pit stop at the Amsterdam Cafe’, mistakenly thinking it was a pot bar where she could traffic her Miami Green Machine. Much to her surprise they only sold latte’s and muffin. As fate would have it, lounging on a sofa enjoying a latte was Caitlin taking in every word of Carmen’s conversation with the cafe’ owner. As Carmen shared her dream of coming to Los Angeles to land a reality series to become a famous singer, Caitlin knew it was a sign. Caitlin invited Carmen over to her table where they talked intently, only to discover they shared similar missions of riding the next big reality series wave to fame.

Brookylyn Honey

Brookylyn Honey | Busted Reality
Exhausted from the burden that comes with being a sex symbol, BROOKLYN HONEY went from mega porn star into hiding, masquerading as normal working girl with a real job as a waitress. Brooklyn holds the record for most invitations to the White House with Marilyn Monroe coming in a distant second. She's best friends with Jillie Paul, whom she credits with being the catalyst to her mega porn star career. Brooklyn's claim to fame is, "The Brooklyn Brigade," a move so death defying that it puts her male co-stars in the hospital. Brooklyn has been instrumental in the careers of many of today's top porn stars, always being willing to share her knowledge and give til it hurts. Her best friend and girl-on-girl sidekick Felicia Feelgoode, former porn star turned fitness trainer to the porn stars credits Brooklyn with, "teaching me how to use vagina like a kung-fu master. Before Brooklyn went into hiding she was given a Life Time Achievment Award, and was nominated for a Kennedy Center of the Arts Award for sex so creative that it defines art. She found her way into the adult industry after dropping out of M.I.T to take a job as a web master for an Internet Company that provided services to Jillie Paul. As fate would have it, she was discovered by Jillie Paul who happened to witness her twisting a co-worker's balls in a knot for sexually harassing her. The rest as they say, is history.

Felicia Feelgoode

Felicia Feelgoode | Busted Reality
For FELICIA FEELGOODE, former porn star turned fitness trainer to the porn stars, life has always been about healing. Her patented sexercise workout system and sexercise fitness boot camp is slowly taking the fitness industry by storm. She's a walking billboard for rock-hard fitness with sex appeal. She's a ball-breaker when it comes to fitness, but a caring and giving person who volunteers her fitness training at Adult Day Care and Youth Centers. As young girl Felicia would watch reruns of M.A.S.H and dream of one day being like her hero Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan. She went from her high school graduation straight to the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. It was there she honed her gift as a healer and her knack for physical fitness, providing physical therapy and uplifting inspiration to bed-ridden soldiers. A grateful soldier who promised to return the favor sent a tape of Felicia’s work to a relative who was working as a journeyman porn director. This led to Felicia garnering $1000 a week as a fluffer in some of adult entertainment’s most popular films including “Bone on the 4th of July” starring Wood Gainer. It was on the set of “Bone on the 4th of July” that Felicia met fellow fluffer Brooklyn Honey. The two quickly formed a bound that led to them being signed by the “Pimptress of Adult Entertainment,” Jillie Paul. Felicia went onto star in 3 of the “Top 100 Most Orgasmic Ménage à trois Flicks of All Time,” as rated by Erotic Weekly. Noticing that many of their co-stars lack the stamina or the physical fitness to keep up with the Dynamic Duo of Feelgoode and Honey, Felicia developed a sexercise fitness program that quickly became the rage in the adult film industry. With the backing of her manager Jillie Paul, Felicia took an indefinite hiatus from the Dynamic Duo in order to perfect her sexercise fitness system.

As the wear and tear of attempting to live like ever-day-women becomes more than they can bear the Sex Symbols, with the leadership of Jillie Paul, devise a scheme to create their own entertainment empire. By wielding their sex-sells ability with the power of the internet, the Sex Symbols conspire to sell the fantasy of lust under the guise of a dating service the likes of which the world has never known. Riding on the brand name of Brooklyn Honey the Sex Symbols establish Garden of Eve Fantasy Service with a niche’ for making the ultimate fantasy become reality. But before their decadent scheme can come to fruition the Sex Symbols must first learn how to work together, setting aside their divisive inclinations, for the sake of the fame and fortune they so desperately crave.

Jillie Paul

As far back as JILLIE PAUL can remember her goal in life was to be the next Hugh Hefner, but since the old boys club wouldn't have her she made a club of her own. She has managed the careers of some of today's top porn stars including her friends Felicia Feelgoode, business partner and former porn star turned personal trainer to the porn stars, and Brooklyn Honey, business partner and mega porn star. dubbed her Jillie "Pimptress" Paul. Forbes Magazine list #1 on their Top 100 WOMEN CEO's, "Men Would Love to Work For." When she's not busy ruling the erotica industry Jillie likes to go deep sea fishing or devoting her time to charity. She is the co-founder of the charity "Brass Pole," which helps newly divorced women redeveloped their mind, body and spirit as they return back to the singles world. Jillie loves to dress professionally sexy, whether it's a pinstripe mini suit or a skin tight black dress. She prides herself on the fact that she looks just as good as the porn stars she represents, only with her cloths on.


Keke | Busted Reality

KENNEDY KELLY, AKA “KEKE”, is a former school teacher turned stripper and recovering sex addict on the run. Need we say more?











Sweet Melodie Day

Sweet Melodie Day | Busted Reality

SWEET MELODIE DAY is a struggling singer/songwriter, sex symbol, and conundrum of neuroses who dreams of one day being the #1 song on iTunes.













LINDSEY is the loving, caring, spouse and business partner to Dave who dreams of one day having her own casino in Sin City.


DAVE, the sweet, mild mannered proprietor of the Kansas City BBQ Company who dreams of one day ruling the world of baby back ribs.


DALLAS is a former soldier and good ‘ol boy never meaning no harm, on a missions to save Keke from herself. In the meantime he’ll settle for being the fix to her sex addiction.